30 psychological tricks used to make you spend more

30 psychological tricks used to make you spend more, Learn productivity strategies and easy-to-use tricks to help you get through everyday tasks faster and more efficiently.

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Contrary to popular opinion, being productive doesn’t always mean working more quickly.

If you. Have insufficient time

I’ve attempted to be “more productive but with little success.

The likelihood is that you are actually working too much.

How is that possible? It’s easy. If you’re a student or professional trying to maximize your time, you are aware that there is a MASSIVE difference between:

deep work on high level projects that advance your objectives

spending more than eight hours at your desk switching between tasks and doing nothing

You don’t have a productivity issue if you’re putting in the time but not seeing proportionate or more accurately exponential outcomes.

Your attention management needs improvement.

What, though, is attention management?

What’s more, how can you turn it around so it works for you rather than against you?

I’m happy you inquired!

The book Become a Speed Demon 2.0 provides the answer.

Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have enough time in a day to complete everything we need to do. Much less of what we desire to do.

You will discover how to free up enough time to do that and much more in this course from best selling educator Jonathan Levi, creator of the wildly popular course Become a SuperLearner.

Your instructor Jonathan Levi has evolved a number of methods over the past ten years to deal with a workload that is almost superhuman.

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