MS Excel: Manage and Report with Microsoft Excel (Basic)

MS Excel: Manage and Report with Microsoft Excel (Basic), Master the Most Used Spreadsheet Processor, Microsoft Excel. MS Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, and Excel 2021.

Course Description

There’s now an explosion of data and statistics that businesses and non-profits need to track, manage, analyze, and interpret. To handle this, you’d need a flexible tool you can use for each instance without having to recreate the data over and over again. Fortunately, Microsoft has created its widely used tool – Excel. Excel allows you to be able to display calculations and analyses that you determine are necessary. It will also help you create sensible documents and knowledge.

This step-by-step, practical course from LinCademy will provide you with all that it takes to master the basics of using Microsoft Excel which will help you to create sensible documents and knowledge. And you can use these documents to create knowledge for yourself and others you work with. Developing the skill of using Excel will also help you create data on demand to create good decisions.

Throughout 26 tutorials, you will practically learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. You will understand how to deal with its interface and use its basic elements and menus such as File Menu, Home menu, Insert menu, Layout menu, Formulas menu, Data menu, Review menu, and View menu. You will also learn the needed elements to help you enter and manipulate data such as using Excel templates, and calculations, etc.

By taking this concise course, you will master the following:

  • Understanding MS Excel Interface
  • Working with the File and Home menus
  • Working with the Insert and Page Layout menus
  • Working with the Formulas and Data menus
  • Working with the Review and View menus
  • Working with Excel templates
  • Working with dates in Excel
  • Working with numbers in Excel
  • Working with text in Excel
  • Working with calculations in Excel
  • Understanding how to set up pages in Excel
  • Understanding how to configure print settings in Excel
  • And much more…

So, grab this great opportunity and start the course now.

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