MS Excel for Beginners, Working on Hands on Experience in Excel for Students and professionals on MS Excel and provide some interesting insights.

Course Description

The  Course on MS Excel aims to supplement the core curriculum by providing additional skills and knowledge that are relevant, practical, and align with the demands of the corporate world. This Excel course syllabus is designed for the beginner Excel user who desires to learn more advanced skills. Learn the new functions which will help students to become employable.

The outcome of an MS Excel course typically includes proficiency in spreadsheets creation. Participants gain practical skills for improved productivity in data management and reporting.

Areas Covered in this course includes basics of Microsoft Excel to usage of various functions such as Use of Ribbon, Working with Rows, Columns, and in between Cells.

The Details include:

Introduction to MS Excel , Organizing data ,Understanding the Row, Column, cells and basic layout of excel like Adjust row height and column width, Font formatting, Date, time, number and other formatting, Hide & unhide row and columns, cut, copy, paste, paste special, transpose, find, replace, merging and splitting of cells, freeze panes, inserting hyperlink and deleting hyperlink. Inserting worksheet, Change worksheet tab color, Rename a worksheet, Change worksheet order, moving, copying worksheet into new sheet and the same sheet.  Page break preview , Page layout view , Page setup dialog box , using print preview , printing worksheets .

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