Excel Formulas and Functions for Business

Excel Formulas and Functions for Business, Improve your skill on Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions using in Business and Non-profit.

Why you need to learn this course:

The most typical business uses for MS Excel formulas and functions include business analysis, managing people lists, operations management, and performance reporting. The formulas and functions are also useful for office administration, project management, and managing programs, contracts, and finances.

Excel formulas and functions enable users to perform basic calculations, such as calculating value and analyzing data. In more complex scenarios, such as calculating mortgage payments, addressing engineering or math difficulties, and constructing financial models, formulas and functions can be beneficial. It helps in answering questions swiftly. Formulas are used in algebra, geometry, as well as other subjects to speed up the process of arriving at a solution and save time.

What role will Excel functions have in your future career?

It can assist employees in the following ways:

  • Define, assess, and enhance the strategic goals of an organization.
  • Determine the budget and profit of a firm or department.
  • Data and data entry inputs should be recorded.
  • Create a schedule to keep track of important dates, project requirements, or job progress.

What you’ll learn:

Learn these top skills to create your own formulas and functions.

  • Basic Operations
  • SUM function
  • MIN and MAX
  • IF function
  • Automatically number rows
  • Calculate the difference between two dates
  • Combine text from two or more cells into one cell

Who needs this course:

  • Accountant
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Students
  • Teachers


  • You need to have a computer
  • Understand basic of Microsoft Excel

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