Launch loops with these pads

Launch loops with these pads, Using Novation’s LaunchPad Mini Mk3 with Ampify, MPC & Ableton Live 12.

Course Description

In this course we will be looking at using the Novation LaunchPad Mini MKIII. The first focus will be on the software that accompanies this hardware which is called Ampify studio.  We will go into practicing how to

Play and stop different loops such as:

    • Drum loops
    • Bassline loops
    • Melodic Loops
    • FX loops
    • Stop/Solo/Mute feature
    • How to play the entire selection at the push of a button.
    • How to launch the effects on the pad to do Beat Repeat, & Low and High Pass Filter
    • How to apply the Latch Feature
    • How to play certain sections and stop them as well.

Using the Components app to customize and map to the MPC Software and be able to use it to play the 16 pads in the MPC software:

  • Adding the drum grid to the custom
  • See the default settings of the notes in MPC
  • Adding a custom mapping for record, play, overdub and stop on the launchpad.
  • Using the Novation LaunchPad with the Ableton 12 software to
    • Load and launch loops, solo, mute and stop feature
    • Playing a drum kit and replacing sounds on the drum kits and locking them as well
    • Use the arrows to navigate the session view
    • OverDub feature as well
    • Laughing a scene
    • Start recording your midi notes with the touch of a button
    • Playing a virtual instrument with the LaunchPad
    • Recording the midi instrument notes that you play with the launch pad as well

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