YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing

YouTube Thumbnail Treasures for Social Media Marketing, YouTube Thumbnail Design Techniques for Social Media Marketing

Course Description

NOTE: Photoshop is not required for this course which takes you step-by-step so you can create eye-popping custom thumbnails. However, if you do like using Photoshop, this course is primarily taught using Photoshop!

More than this, if you are interested in standing out from the crowd on YouTube with your videos, this course is for you!


Question: Would you like some type of Return On Investment (ROI) when uploading videos to your YouTube account?

KNOW THIS: Capturing eyeballs means capturing clicks, views, comments and subscriptions for those YouTube videos in which you have invested time and energy.

Now, if you look around YouTube, you’ll notice many missed opportunities—that is, when it comes to capitalizing on custom thumbnails. If you haven’t noticed this yet, not to worry! We’re going to look at some of these examples, together.

What you will be equipped with after taking this course is a nice, strong foundation in the essential elements of creating and utilizing eye-popping custom thumbnails in your YouTube videos.

What will you get inside of this course? Let’s look!

  • Why Eye-Popping Thumbnails Make Sense
  • Make Your Thumbnails “Pop” with Thumbnail Essentials
  • Field Research – Observational Analysis
  • Thumbnail Creation Tools
  • How to “Apply” Best Practices


  • How to Rank YouTube Videos For Success
  • Exclusive Access to Editable Eye-Popping Thumbnail Template


We’re going to go through all of this together in a nice, relaxing manner and pace. You will be able to go back again and again—if desired—to make sure you’re never at a loss for ideas when it comes to creating amazing, eye-popping, attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnails.

As your instructor, I have seen results and believe you can, as well. I have seen the effectiveness of putting into practice all of the subject matter we will discuss within this course. Information carries with it tremendous value! Those who seek out the right information position themselves to benefit from the results in which such information brings.

In this case, it is standing out from the crowd within a very, very busy but tremendously popular YouTube.

When taking this course, there is no risk to you. You get:

  • Free updates to any of the course content
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

YouTube Thumbnail Size & Design Techniques To Become Your Own YouTube Thumbnail Maker!

Let’s get into the course. I’ll see you inside.

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