Twitter Marketing Business Masterclass for Beginners with AI

Twitter Marketing Business Masterclass for Beginners with AI, Use my Proven Twitter AI prompts, Templates, & Swipefiles to get likes, followers, and sales for your business

Course Description

If you just started your Twitter journey and your account is brand new, and you don’t know where to start.

Start at Week 1, this Week.

Week 1 is the Optimization week.

I will explain our Twitter Grand Strategy and explain exactly how we are going to use human psychology to grow your account and social proof to make money with your account.

To save you time and the headache of figuring out exactly what your account should be and what topics you should tweet about, I will show you the most profitable niches and sub-niches that’s currently on Twitter. And how to position yourself as an expert while offering benefits that makes people want to follow you.

We will break down your account piece by piece and explain just what are the 6 key elements of a High converting Twitter account and how the top marketers on Twitter are using these elements to turn a visitor into a follower into a customer.

If you had your twitter account for a while now but can’t seem to grow, or can’t seem to get many likes or retweets. Don’t worry. We all been there. Start at week 2.

Week 2 is the Engagement week. We are going to eliminate all the negative distractions you have on the platform and talk about how to use the 6-figure twitter mindset to jump start your business and get attention from your ideal followers. Because I am sure you agree with me not all followers are created equal.

Most will waste your time.

I will share with you all the little secrets I have learned through the years and how to write tweets that even non-followers will want to retweet.

In fact, I streamlined and refined my own high quality tweet system. Let me show you the 5 commandments of a twitter influencer and what rules they most follow to get max engagement.

The 7 High engagement tweet Categories checklist to make sure you are tweeting in the right category for max engagement.

And if you want more hand holding, no problem I will literally give you the Top 20 High engagement Tweet Templates to show you word for word, fill in the blanks, how to write your tweets for max engagement.

Week 3 is all about explosive growth with Viral Swipe files. After years of being on Twitter, I collected the most viral tweets, the tweets that got the most engagement, and created a swipe file for each of the major niches on twitter.

The health niche, the wealth niche, and the relationship niche swipe files. If you are still having trouble writing tweets, just open up my swipe file, pick out a tweet, model it, post it and you are done.

This is the quickest way to discover and refine your own style and your own voice on Social media. With the highest probability of success because you are posting things that has already been proven to go viral.

And finally, once you have the engagement, the likes, the retweets, and the followers… what’s next? If you are eager to start selling on Twitter and start bringing in a consistent income. Then start at Week 4, the money week.

Week 4 in our Twitter roadmap is about selling on twitter.

I’ll show you the Top 5 Twitter Income Streams that’s currently used by the top marketers on Twitter and break down exactly how they turn followers into customers.

How they are using Twitter like a business funnel, filtering out ideal customers from just casual followers and focusing only the people that matter. People that are serious customers not people who just want free things.

If you don’t have your own product yet, not to worry. I am going to give you a crash course on Affiliate marketing. Give you a checklist of the 5 Laws of affiliate marketing so you can be confident you are promoting products that are high quality, with high conversion rates, and high commissions.

Then I’m going to take you inside my business and give you a behind the scenes look at exactly how I write my own sales tweets, How I use the piggyback system to get tons of reach on a promo tweet without paying for ads, and still get lots of my followers to see the tweet.

When to post, how to post, how to get more people to click on your links, what kind of CTA, call to action to use, and even how to create scarcity and conduct your very own monthly sales, for monthly income.

As you can see, I am not kidding when I say that your twitter account, is moments away from exploding with engagement and business.

If you have taken my courses before, you’ll know you are in for a treat because I like to keep things simple, easy, and fun.

So what are we waiting for? Pick a week and let’s get started.

I can’t wait to hear your success story. I’ll see you inside.

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