Thumbnail Secrets of Top YouTube Channels

Thumbnail Secrets of Top YouTube Channels, Proven Psychological Triggers That Get People to Click.

Thumbnails. Thumbnails. Thumbnails. Another thing to add to your to-do list. Right?

Perhaps you’ve just started your YouTube channel and you’re wearing a zillion different hats. But here’s the problem. You simply don’t have the time to learn a zillion different skills… You. Want. Results. FAST.

You know thumbnails are important, but where to start?

How about just hiring a graphic designer? Ok….. But what instructions will you give them? They can give you an awesome-looking thumbnail that would make your mom proud. But…

The question is: Will it get clicks? Will attention-fragmented people actually give a hoot?

And what if you want a quick and easy way to come up with thumbnails by yourself?

Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

This course is an in-depth analysis of hundreds of Successful Thumbnails across the board.

· Learn Proven Formulas that you can immediately apply to your YouTube channel.

· Model the Best Templates so you can stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

· Discover the PPD Triangle of Thumbnail Success

· Avoid This Big Mistake that 99% of people make when analyzing successful channels

· Learn Magic Words that instantly pique viewers’ curiosity

· Generate dozens of ideas for your channel today

· Why it’s not enough to offer valuable content

· And much, much more!

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