The Ultimate Lead Generation System

The Ultimate Lead Generation System, This Ultimate Lead Generation System Generates a Torrent of Low Cost/No Cost Leads – Day after Day after Day.

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  • How to create Super-Strength Lead Magnets so you can easily attract qualified potentials – starting immediately. This is so simple to put into action. I give you the step-by-step system and templates for everything
  • Proven Email Subject Lines – you access my swipe file of ‘openers’ – it’s yours for the taking. Please do. So you can increase your open rates / click through rates /conversions
  • The 27 Most Powerful Marketing Words – generously dash these in to your emails, web pages and mail and see conversions jump up another level – oh yes please!
  • Your Golden Carrot Report (I show you the 6-Stage Scripting System, and give you a simple template so you can write this straightaway).
  • Little Known Insider-Secret: you can use this to create any information product too – simple yet powerful!
  • The 3-Step Formula PPP – so you craft the most tantalizing title (It’s ALL about the title isn’t it?)


                                                             “MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW: 

                                      75% OF THE BUYING DECISION IS MADE AT THE DEADLINE”

  • Which works better? Away-Motivated or Towards-Motivated headlines and subject lines? Interesting: I give you the results of 20 years of testing. Surprising!
  • Another SWIPE File: 122 Winning Headlines of all time. Yours to take for inspiration, adjusting and slotting in to your marketing. So you can avoid the hard mental slog
  • The 4 Essential Elements of a powerful headline – explained. So you have a formula to follow.


                                      THIS HAS WORKED LIKE GANG BUSTERS FOR 18 YEARS IN A ROW…

  • My 7 BIG Mistakes Email is that animal. We go through it together in detail and yank out the key points so you can become a master (and ethical) Persuader-in-Print
  • How to employ Floating Conjunctions. Sounds a bit weird but, trust me, these will boost readership like crazy – all the way to your Call To Action
  • Sprinkling Salted Bombs – these curiosity-laden devices prompt ‘What’s that?’ in your readers and viewers. As soon as I discovered these – my copy took on an almost magical quality. So will yours…


                                                         THIS IS DEFINITELY A ‘LITTLE-KNOWN-SECRET’…

  • How you can use  Integrity Based Prestivoxitation. What! Yes – Not 1% of 1% know this method – you will. Your reader gets to feel what their results will be – ooh!
  • An amazingly simple way to get more highly qualified leads is to use surveys. There’s a special formula I use and we go through this  – so you can use it straight away!
  • The One Letter Game Changer – how can just one letter (ABC type letter) make such a difference? You’ll laugh when you see it – I just know you will.
  • How to run your lead generation system 24/7 from anywhere. Total freedom, predictability and results.

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