Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing & Management

Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing & Management, SMM Social Media Marketing & Management Program, Digital Marketing and Management, Instagram & Freelance examples.

Course Description

Welcome to the Social Media Marketing & Management Expert Program

You will know about: what is SMM, its prospects, what are content and content plan and how to structure it, marketing analysis in SMM (competitors and target audience), how to design an Instagram account (header and feed), how to improve a viewing skill, what is moodboard, AIDA and 4U text formulas, tone of voice, promotion and its types, trends in Instagram, personal brand and why is it important, structure of commercial offers and technical tasks, how to brief a client and how to look for a job.

After finishing a course you will get: key knowledge about the work of a SMM-expert, content and how to create a content plan; how to make an analysis in SMM; how to design an Instagram account; how to improve a viewing skill, what is moodboard, AIDA and 4U text formulas; tone of voice, free and paid promotion; trends in Instagram; personal brand and why is it important; rules and structure of technical task; rules for writing a commercial offer; structure of briefing; where and how to look for work.

Course provided by: The Retail Banking School, Lisbon, global banking, fintech and business school.

part of MTF Institute of Management, Technology & Finance

Course Plan:

For finishing of a course you need to review and understand provided video and materials at topics:

1. About profession, content and content plan

2. Marketing analysis in social media

3. How to create and fulfill an Instagram profile: moodboards, AIDA and 4U selling texts, tone of voice

4. Promotion in Instagram

5. How to write a briefing, technical task and commercial offer

6. Trends in Instagram, personal brand of SMM-er, how to look for a job

Also in case of questions you may use support of Instructors, please use functionality of “questions”

Course Author:

Zhansaya Berdikulova


Bachelor of Economics and Business of University of International Business

Master of Economic Sciences of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan University

Experience and examples of projects:

● Invictus Fitness Club chain

● The first advertising agency

● Cardiocenter “Cardio”

● Educational Center

● Educational and charitable project “Garyshker”

Course Full Description and Welcome Letter:


Welcome to the social media marketing course

In this course, we will learn the key and most important knowledge and skills for a social media marketer or manager.

The course is compiled based on my experience and the requirements of different companies.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that each lesson has its own task, you can share it in the comments or send me an email. By completing these tasks, you will be able to better understand the material covered and already replenish your portfolio.

After completing this course, you can safely get a job without being afraid of not knowing something.

A little about me

My name is Zhansaya, but for you I’m just Saya

I’ve been working in SMM for a couple of years as a freelancer.

Also I worked as a freelance copywriter in an advertising agency, in the medical and educational fields.

This profession gives you the opportunity to express your creativity, regulate your work schedule and grow professionally.

I wish you new knowledge and hope that the course will be useful and effective for you!

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