Media Training: Media Interview Skills

Media Training: Media Interview Skills, Develop Your Media Interview Skills: Techniques For Structuring Content, Increasing Confidence & Engaging Your Audience.

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare for, and deliver, the best possible media appearance. It explores why strong media appearances can make people pay attention and remember the person being interviewed in a positive light.

If you are a professional who wants to learn about being interviewed for a podcast, newspaper or magazine article, radio, TV or interviewed on stage then you can benefit from this course, with its in-depth approach to building confidence, creating awareness and improving skills.

You may have a difficult message to deliver to the media. You may have technical details to cover. You may have complicated content. Whatever the challenges you are facing, this course will equip you with techniques for creating these messages and delivering the details so the audience is satisfied and trusts you as the speaker.

Learning to appear in media or speak to a journalist may seem intimidating but it isn’t a skill reserved for the few. Anyone can come across with conviction, gravitas and personality. Here, we will show you how to effectively speak to journalists – and get quoted.

A central focus of the course is mastering how you come across, so that you look and sound confident, comfortable and “human”, even if you are feeling nervous. You will learn how to tackle your nerves so that when you speak to the media you come across as passionate and interested in what you are saying. You will learn techniques for preparing the messages you’d like to deliver in your interview and how you can illustrate each point clearly. We’ll also tackle how to deal with tough questions.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to ensure your audience has a positive view of you, remembers your points and trusts your messages. Enrol today to find out more!

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