Master Course in Marketing Fundamentals and Development 2.0

Master Course in Marketing Fundamentals and Development 2.0, Marketing Fundamentals 101 level, Marketing Development, Digital Marketing, Marketing Mix, Marketing Channels, Campaigns.

Course Description

Master course in marketing fundamentals and marketing development (101 level).

From advertising to researching your target audience, marketing is a complex field.

Long-term success depends on marketing because it lets the world know you exist. Marketing is even more important than the product, according to some experts!

People respond to witticisms and creative marketing because it grabs their attention. The more clever and purposeful the marketing campaign, the more successful it will be.

There are dozens of ways to define marketing. Even within a company, people might perceive the term differently. Basically, it’s when products and services go from concept to customer. A product is identified, demand is determined, price is set, and distribution channels are chosen. Outbound and inbound marketing strategies are also part of it.

A company’s market development strategy is to develop their existing market instead of looking for new ones. In an effort to increase sales, the company looks for new buyers to pitch the product to.

These are the 5 lectures I’m going to explain in this master’s course,

1. Introduction and Importance of Marketing fundamentals and marketing development

2. History of Marketing and Marketing Innovation, Marketing Campaigns and the environment

3. Marketing Mix, Marketing and sales approaches for start-ups and entrepreneurs

4. Marketing channels, Advanced digital marketing techniques

5. How to become a marketing manager, marketing expert and analyst.

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