Learn Marketo For Product Marketing

Learn Marketo For Product Marketing, Step by step guide on how you can use Marketo to attain your marketing objective in JUST 2 HOURS.

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There are 3 levels to master any subject, they are:

Beginner – At this stage, your aim should not be to memorize and learn anything. Your aim here is to get familiar with the subject by surfing content. What is this, how does it work, why are we using….etc.

Intermediate – At this stage, you should learn something and started practicing. You should aim for getting through all the main concepts and should know how to use them.

Advance – This is for the players, where you started solving real-life problems, building complex solutions.

Success in the sequence.

So at what level are you right now?

DO YOU KNOW WHY IT TAKES A HARD EFFORT TO LEARN ANY NEW TOOL? Because we are not able to make the connections between what we know right now vs what is there in the tool.

SIMPLE, TO THE POINT, and ORGANIZED form of contents.


Why you should join this course?

You should join this course If you want to change your domain to Marketing automation.

You should join this course If you are not a tech expert and want to lead a successful career using Marketo.

You should join this course If you are a student and want to grow your career in Marketing automation.

You should join this course If you want to start your journey in Marketo.

I am into marketing automation since 2016, and I know the pain the person going through when someone is new to Marketo. Marketo has its own technical and marketing terms, the platform is totally different so as to work in it. Videos and docs are there, but it still confuses us and takes a lot of time and energy to bridge the connections between things.

I have designed this course in such a way that will help to match the marketing concepts with Marketo you should know about it. Why do we do what we do in Marketo?

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