Chatgpt Prompt Engineering: A Class For Modern Marketers

Chatgpt Prompt Engineering: A Class For Modern Marketers, Learn the Fundamental Prompt Engineering Approaches in a FREE Masterclass on ChatGPT for Marketing | GPT4, Generative AI.

Welcome to this free class on ChatGPT for Marketing.

If you’re a copywriter, marketing expert, social media marketing expert, SEO or PPC¬†specialist – there is no way to avoid the Generative AI and ChatGPT impact (and still keep your job).


In this quick, but intensive guide on ChatGPT prompt engineering you will learn about the fundamental techniques of prompt engineering and how to apply them in a marketing context.

In Section 1: Understanding the Basics, we’ll talk about the world of ChatGPT, discuss what prompts are and how to make them effective. We’ll get to know different prompt engineering techniques such as N-Shot Prompting and Chain of Thought. We’ll also cover how to use prompt engineering for ChatGPT marketing and feed relevant data into GPT for improved outcomes.

Although it’s only a part of my bigger course on using ChatGPT for marketing, this course is designed to bring you maximum value in least time possible.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to create your own ChatGPT prompts using a combination of prompt engineering techniques and get a personalized feedback in the public Q&A section.

It’s time to up your marketing skills with GPT-4 and ChatGPT. Get started now, and learn how to use ChatGPT in a way that’s easy and fun.

Learn how to use ChatGPT today. Experiment. Play around. Keep growing

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