Mantras For Transformation

Mantras For Transformation, 10 days of mantras, meditation and reflection to encourage transformation from the inside out.

Mantras for Transformation- 10 days of mantras, meditation and reflection to encourage transformation from the inside out

This is a 10 day course to bring you in to the powerful and healing practice of mantra meditation.

Each day of this course will introduce you to a new mantra and dive in to its meaning, its traditional use, and a look at how it relates to everyday modern life.

Each mantra session is followed with some space to integrate the mantras deeper. Each session uses a different meditation following the mantra – that works with the theme of the mantra and  some reflective questions to journal or think upon to help bring about clarity, release, joy and transformation.

Mantras can be  a powerful, creative and musical way to meditate .

The mantra and meditation practices in this course are designed to help you:

  • drop the internal chatter
  • increase your ability to focus your mind
  • invite clarity,
  • release emotions
  • cultivate bliss
  • help you to relax
  • and ultimately awaken you to your highest potential resting deep within you.

The mantras are sourced from a variety of spiritual traditions, coming from all over the world, ranging from Tibetan Buddhist mantras, to Indian Hindu mantras to Native American healing songs.

I very much hope you enjoy this course

🙂 Sacha.


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