Japanese Calligraphy Basic Skills for Beginner SHODO

Japanese Calligraphy Basic Skills for Beginner SHODO, Introduction course : Learn 2 basic strokes and techniques of Japanese calligraphy and a Kanji character.

Course Description

It is said that it is important to be aware of the 3 stages of learning a skill in anything, In Japanese culture, these 3 stages are called “Shu”, “Ha”, “Ri”.More detailed information on “Shu”, “Ha”, “Ri” can be found in Lecture 2 of Section 1.

My course is composed of 3 main courses in accordance with the 3 stages “Shu”, “Ha”, “Ri” in mind. Those will be updated sequentially. Those who have taken 3 main courses will be able to create their own original works of Japanese calligraphy.

In course1, you will learn the basic knowledge of Japanese calligraphy, such as swiping and jumping stroke.

In course2, you will learn how to write beautifully and stylishly, including the radicals and balance of kanji characters.

In course3, you will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to create their own works of art.

This course is an introduction to course 1 of the main course.

As you take each course, your calligraphy skills will improve and you will be able to write different types of strokes.

We explain the techniques of Japanese calligraphy in a way that is easy to understand for beginners. We believe that you will enjoy the course and feel your skills improve as you progress through the course.

Also, the most important thing in Japanese calligraphy is to enjoy writing! Let’s relax and have fun together while deepening your knowledge of calligraphy!

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