Healing the 5 Soul Wounds

Healing the 5 Soul Wounds, Healing grids meditations to free ourselves from conditioning..


Welcome to this new class of Magic Vibrations Healing called Healing the 5 Soul Wounds.

According to the author and psychologist Lise Bourbeau, each of us got imprinted in the first years of our life with traumatic imprints, called the 5 soul wounds.

There are Rejection, Abandonment, Humiliation, Betrayal and Injustice.

As we don´t usually remember our life before 5 years old, it is hard to access the memories of these early imprinted traumas.

This is affecting all aspects of our lives as we develop Ego strategies and masks to avoid further pain. These soul wounds are the original cause of many addictions, withdrawing patterns, sabotage, controlling patterns and coping mechanisms we developed along the way and that are not serving us anymore.

In this class, we explore in details these 5 soul wounds: how they express themselves in our lives and how they condition us.

I created specific healing grids for each of these wounds. We will go through powerful healing meditations for each of them so that we can release the charge and the imprint of these traumas on our consciousness and psyche.

The grids I created use a technology called Gridmasters and are bringing many resources from the intelligences of Creation to support our own self healing.

After clearing all these traumatic imprints, we will go through a meditation and grid of Self Love.

After each of your processes, you can choose to run a grid of integration provided as well in the course.

You will be able to use these grids for yourself in the future, any time you feel the need to revisit these processes.

Are you ready to bring more freedom from conditioning in your life?

Are you ready to release these old patterns that are sabotaging your own happiness?

Then you are in the right place.

Join us in this powerful healing journey!

Demian Haye

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