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DNA Detective, How to use DNA data to break through genealogical brick walls.

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Are you struggling to break down genealogical brick walls and find more ancestors to add to your family tree? GEDmatch has valuable tools to help you uncover new leads and overcome research obstacles. In this course I share my tips and techniques for using DNA data and GEDmatch effectively. With these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to breaking through brick walls and discovering new ancestors to add to your family tree.

By applying rules of data science, how DNA propogates and how to predict the most recent common ancestor, you will be equipped with the tools and the sequence to analyze shared segments of DNA.  You may discover distant cousins, common ancestors, and branches of your family tree you hadn’t explored before.  Armed with these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to break through your genealogical brick walls.  Open doors to hidden connections, enriching your family tree with previously undiscovered ancestors. So, embark on your DNA journey, explore the tools, and unravel the mysteries of your heritage!

The comparison tools we will use include One-to-Many, One-to-One Autosomal, One-to-One X-DNA, People Who Match Both Kits and Ancestor Projects.  You wil complete a project where you will complete an analysis where you will find where you match to the person with the most shared DNA on your One-to-Many list.

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