All you need to know about oilpainting post-production check

All you need to know about oilpainting post-production check, This is a basic level 2 hour session covering all that you need to know about post production of an artwork.

Most of you would have had this experience of working long hours on some creative idea and wondering whether this is the right time for you to go out there and start selling.

* Is it the right time to start selling or exhibiting?

* Am I completely ready? What do I really need to do after I complete an artwork?

* Who is the right exhibitor that could help me with the next step?

If you are one of those art enthusiasts who has started creating something that is making some sense to you and are eager to go out into this wild world of art selling and exhibitions, then you have come to the right place.

As an art enthusiast, I have made some mistakes with respect to both selling and exhibiting. I am sharing my experiences in this less than 2 hour session, so you are able to

* make a smart decision about how you can segment your artwork and create multiple revenue streams

* make the right decisions when it comes to exhibiting

* be confident about your calculations and arrive at a nominal price for all the hardwork that you did with your artwork

Pursuing art is a soul-fullfilling journey. However, we also need the required guidance to further nurture our learning and grow the same into a business that is earning you steady income.

I also happen to be a finance and project management professional. Therefore, I have tried to give a structural perspective to all these important areas that form an integral part of a creative business.

I have seen good artists give up, because they do not know how to price their artwork end up getting underpaid. I have also seen artists running into the hands of exhibitors that may not be equally passionate about investing the time and energy that each artwork deserves. Hence, I was motivated to create these sessions for FREE, so you don’t miss out on enjoying your art journey and your artwork gets well-appreciated.

Do write to me, if you have any specific post production or pricing calculation related issues, and I will try to make further videos specifically covering such issues

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