Learn about Project Finance for Project Management

Learn about Project Finance for Project Management, Concepts like Debt Finance, Equity, D/E Ratio, Present Value, and Internal rate of return.

Financing of Project is vital for Project management. The success of any project depends on raising finance from the market as well as pooling own financial resources. The rate at which the loan is raised from the market would influence the financial viability. The loans raised from the market will influence project management. This course has the following  key takeaways

Students would internalize the concepts like Debt, Equity, and Debt Equity ratio in project financing.

Students would learn more about cash flows and the time value of money.

Students would appreciate the importance of present value and net present value and learn how to calculate those.

Students would learn how to calculate the internal rate of return for project finance

Students would learn how to calculate the internal rate of return when the debt-equity ratio is given. They would learn how a change in the debt-equity ratio changes the cash flows and influences the internal rate of return

Students through case studies and assignments would develop capacities in financial analysis of any project independently. This will give them confidence in managing any project independently.

Students would learn to evaluate various project management projects by looking at the data available from project reports by applying the concepts learned in this course. Before starting your own project entrepreneurs should have in-depth knowledge of the project finance concepts which they will get after taking this course.

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