Japanese for beginners : katakana workshop

Japanese for beginners : katakana workshop, Learn all katakana characters easily and quickly with illustrations!

This is a complete course to learn all the katakana, the basic Japanese alphabet that is used to write certain categories of words such as foreign words or onomatopoeia. Thanks to illustrations, a soundtrack and French subtitles, you will easily learn how to read the whole table of 46 katakana, to pronounce each character perfectly and to write it in the right order.

This course is suitable not only for those who have already learned how to read hiragana, but also for those who want to improve their knowledge of katakana.

In addition to the 46 basic katakana characters, you will also learn :

  • letters with dakuten such as ガギグゲゴ (ga gi gu ge go) etc.
  • letters accompanied by handakuten, パピプペポ (pa pi pu pe po).
  • compound katakana characters such as キャキュキョ (kya kyu kyo)、ティ、ファ、 etc.
  • how to pronounce and transcribe Japanese words of foreign origine which are numerous in basic vocabulary.

By taking this course, you will also learn:

  • over 200 words that are written in katakana
  • how to make short and simple phrases and sentences such as “That is….”, “My hobby is…”, “I would like to order …”, ”I am …”, “I like doing …”, “Please give me …” etc.

At the end of the course, you will have mastered all the katakana characters and you will be able to start a simple conversation in Japanese.

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