What Is Swift UI? Part 1

What Is Swift UI? Part 1, A beginners guide.


================  13 years in iOS ====================

1. This course is free. I hope that it helps to start learning SwiftUI (the new UI framework from Apple). It is a truly amazing step forward with reducing the amount of code written, reducing the risk of introducing bugs, simplifying then app creation process and also writing software that runs on all platforms. SwiftUI is a MUST for any iOS developer to now learn.

2. We introduce the MVVM architectural design pattern into a sample project using a really simple approach that only takes a few minutes.

3. We focus on getting your hands dirty and diving straight into writing SwiftUI code. We stumble about a bit, find some errors, resolve them and build a new app together. Development is all about getting your hands dirty and doing things wrong as much as doing things right. By experimenting with the code you will find out how it truly works and the ‘to dos’ and the ‘not to dos’.

Free Videos & Courses


These courses are free. I hope you enjoy them. I keep the course short. 1 hour is pretty good to learn some new tricks. Architecture is the foundation of engineering and I hope I can encourage everyone to learn more about it. I will help out where I can and share as often as possible.

The Instructor


Check out my Instructor profile (just briefly) and glance over it to know about my experience. After 13 years on iOS I would like to start giving back and supporting my fellow iOS developers.

Apple has given me a great career and if possible I would like to contribute to this incredibly talented and highly skilled community.

Whats a Mini Course


A course that is roughly 1 hour long and with only a handful of videos so that it is easily completable in a day! Many people have asked for short little courses and I completely understand why users / developers would want something they can finish in an hour. I hope this helps.

Coming Soon


  • How To Perform A Code Review
  • Mini Course –  What Is SwiftUI? Part 2

Hope to see you soon x

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