Surpac 6.X: Explicit 3D Geological modelling

Surpac 6.X: Explicit 3D Geological modelling, From Excel file database to Solidmodel and Blockmodel.


Would you enjoy mastering one of the most important skills of a mining project? Learn geological modeling and become essential in Surpac.

Then what you are going to read below will interest you.

In traditional geological works, geological investigations and results are illustrated by 2D maps such as well sections, geological profiles and plans.

The inability to represent in 3 dimensions geological phenomena such as strata, structures and reliefs constituted a loss and a distortion of spatial information.

By using 3D modeling and visualization technologies, the body and the geological environment can be understood and expressed directly in 3D.

3D geological modeling makes it possible to:

  • Effectively visualize the geometry of rock and temporal stratigraphic units to define and control the spatial distribution and spread of rock properties required by modeling.
  • Establish spatial and temporal relationships between geo-objects,
  • Determine the variation of the internal composition of geo-objects,
  • Understand displacements or distortions by tectonic forces, and fluid flow through rock units.

Whether you are a geologist, mining engineer or active in a mining sector; mastering 3D geological modeling technology will prove to be of great help whether it is to propel you in your career or to make your CV competitive.

Because in all current mining projects, geological modeling is an essential step, but only a few people know how to do it well.

In this comprehensive course, we will help you learn and master 3D geological modeling. And we will use Surpac, one of the best software in the mining industry which stands out for the reliability of its results, the power of its graphical interface and its speed of execution.

Step by step we will show you step by step:

  • How to create a database in Surpac from drill data recorded in Excel,
  • How to display and manipulate boreholes in 3D,
  • How to draw the sections and digitize the mineralized zones,
  • How to visualize a deposit in 3D, determine its shape and volume
  • And how to design the pit of an open pit mine.

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