Modern COBOL: Professional Programmer’s Fast-Track

Modern COBOL: Professional Programmer’s Fast-Track, Business – Oriented Software Development.

Course Description

COBOL Opportunities

It is no news that the supply of COBOL software developers is decreasing. Folks who have held their jobs for an entire lifetime are retiring. As COBOL developers retire, corporate recruiters find themselves frantically searching to replacement them. Rather than abandoning decades of multi-million dollar software & technology projects, many companies are understandably connecting their generational COBOL investments to the cloud!

Careers – Not Jobs

Gifting software developers life-long careers, COBOL technology remains a predictable part of every big, tenured, modern business. Governments, laboratories, banks, and many, many other employers & industries are extending great-paying opportunities to a new crop of modern COBOL professionals!

Professional Lifestyles

COBOL software developers often enjoy far more maintainable working hours. Unusually superior work-life balances, as well as profitable pensions. COBOL has powered – and will continue to empower – a seemingly legion of legendary business-oriented software developers.

Understandable Software

Unlike most modern programming languages, COBOL is also easier to read. Ever creating somewhat more maintainable, self-documenting code, if you enjoy tech and don’t mind typing then COBOL will not only be fun, but also enjoyably easy to learn!

Standard COBOL

Maybe you’ve heard about computer programming “standards”?

As you might suspect, computer language standards ensured that code written on one computer can be used upon another. –Whilst other computing programming standards change frequently, COBOL standards do not.

When it comes to the COBOL programming standard, COBOL was simply done right the first time. Indeed, the modern COBOL is so good that it needs no revision every-year; unlike every other standard with which I am familiar, if the future of COBOL is anything like its past, then what COBOL you’ll learn today will probably not change in your lifetime.

Can any other programming technology boast the same?

Business First?

Yes, COBOL is so “business oriented” that companies do not have to pay for constant rewrites & upgrades. From Federal, State, and Local Governments COBOL projects still can be found. From local banking to Wall Street, COBOL has been in use for decades. All of which can use your help!


So if you – or your company – ever tires of the forever-disruptions of other programming ‘tech, then consider using safe, secure, and Modern COBOL. From AWS to zOS, not only has the rumor of COBOLs death been highly exaggerated, but when was the last time that anyone ever heard of a virus attack crippling big-iron? Ransomware?

So when talking about that return on any programming investment (RoI) … bottom-lines … profitability, as well as job securities, perhaps it is well PAST time for each and all to learn how to “talk COBOL!”

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