Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Masterclass

Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Masterclass, Learn Linux command line skills and professional Shell Scripting skills.

Course Description

This course covers the following topics:

  • Installing VirtualBox and Linux Mint – Covers the basic installation to get you up and running for this course.
  • Editors – Vi and Notepad++. Discussion of the command based Vi Editor and some regular editor options.
  • Account Management – Root, Sudo, Admin and Regular users.
  • File and Directory Permissions – Permissions on Files and Folders. User, Group and Others.
  • Linux Commands – File and Directory Commands, User Info Commands, Networking Commands, SSH and File Transfer Commands, Disk Commands, Security Commands, Archiving Commands, Search Commands, Installation Commands
  • Vi Editor – Commands frequently used in the Vi Editor.
  • Shell Expansion – Brace expansion, Tilde expansion, Parameter expansion, Command substitution, Arithmetic expansion, Process substitution, Word splitting, Filename expansion, Quotes.
  • Basic Shell Scripting – Fundamentals of Shell Scripting.
  • Braces, Brackets & Parentheses – Evaluation of Expressions.
  • File Descriptors – Std Input, Std Output & Std Error
  • Iterations – While loops, For loops, Until loops
  • Conditionals
    • Case Statements
    • IF Statements
  • Regular Expressions – Use of Regular Expressions in Pattern Matching.
  • Arrays
  • AWK – Use of AWK to extract and format data.
  • SED – Use of SED to perform search and replace functions.
  • Grep – Use of Grep to search for patterns of data.
  • Utilities – Cut, Sort and Uniq
  • Cron Scheduling – Perform automated batch processing.
  • Processing Input and Output
  • Master Script – 5hrs of content covering different areas of Corporate Shell scripting.

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