Learning Microsoft OneDrive from Scratch

Learning Microsoft OneDrive from Scratch, Backup and Manage your Files with ease.

Course Description

Microsoft OneDrive is a free-to-use cloud storage service by Microsoft, which can be accessed through a web browser, or can be installed onto your computer.

In this course, we are going to explore the various features of OneDrive so that you can manage and keep your files secure and share them with people with whom you want and collaborate with as well. Also, we will explore the various features of OneDrive to manage different types of files.

We will first learn how to sign into Microsoft OneDrive using our Microsoft account. Then we will explore the web interface, and then explore the settings as well.

After that, we will continue by learning how to manage files and folders on the OneDrive web interface. We will learn how to upload files and folders, move them, rename them, copy them, download them, and delete and recover them.

Then, we will learn how to share and collaborate on the OneDrive web interface. We will learn how to create share links for files and folders and then share files with specific people. And, we will learn how to access the info section, change the sharing settings and embed our files into the webpage as well.

Then, after that, we will further explore the OneDrive features such as adding and editing tags and image editing options as well.

Also, we will learn how to create and edit documents on the OneDrive web interface and briefly look at how we can work around Microsoft Office documents. And then. Work around with file history.

We will also learn how to utilize personal fault to keep our files secure and track and manage shared files on OneDrive.

Then we will explore how to install and set up OneDrive, a desktop application, and then manage our files on it. We will explore the various features that are similar and different in the next. In the desktop version of OneDrive compared to the Web version and then we’ll wrap up the course.

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