Learn Linux on Amazon EC2 – Hands-on

Learn Linux on Amazon EC2 – Hands-on!, Essential Linux Fundamentals: User Management, File Handling, Networking, Key Shortcuts & More.

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Unlock the Power of Linux: Whether you’re a newcomer or have faced hurdles in mastering Linux, this course is tailored to simplify your learning journey. Are you aiming for a promotion or seeking career growth? Linux expertise is a valuable asset in today’s tech landscape, and this course is designed to equip you with essential skills.

Experience a Teaching Approach That Works: Struggling with complex Linux concepts? My teaching method resonates with students, making challenging topics comprehensible and accessible.

In this course, you’ll delve into fundamental Linux operations, from user account creation to file management, networking, and system insights. Gain hands-on experience, explore time-saving shortcuts, and discover practical tips for efficient Linux navigation.

Elevate Your Skills: Whether you’re aiming to boost your current role or embark on a new career path, mastering Linux is a stepping stone to success. Join this course to gain confidence in Linux, setting yourself up for professional advancement and seizing new opportunities.

Enroll today and embark on a learning journey that simplifies Linux, empowers your skill set, and propels your career forward.

Course Topics:

  1. Creating user accounts
  2. Working with files
  3. File permissions
  4. Searching the system
  5. Archiving and Compressing files
  6. Installing software/tools
  7. Networking
  8. System Information
  9. Important Shortcuts – Tips & tricks
  10. Recommended Cheat Sheet.

Why should you learn Linux?

  1. Cost-Effective Operating System: Linux is a free operating system, unlike Windows or MacOS, making it widely used across various industries without licensing expenses.
  2. High Value of Linux Skills: As the leading server operating system, Linux proficiency is highly sought after, adding significant value to your skill set in the job market.
  3. Prevalence in Server Environments: Linux dominates the server landscape, hosting the majority of applications, showcasing the high demand for Linux-savvy professionals.
  4. Versatility and Compatibility: Linux’s compatibility with diverse devices contributes to its extensive use, offering adaptability and functionality across various platforms.
  5. Open Source Transparency: Linux’s open-source nature allows inspection of its source code, empowering users to identify and contribute to fixing bugs and vulnerabilities, enhancing overall security.
  6. Community-Driven Security: Backed by a robust community of developers, Linux benefits from collective expertise, resulting in a more secure environment compared to other operating systems.

Why take this course?

  1. Practical Skill Development: Acquire hands-on proficiency in essential Linux tasks, confidently managing user accounts, handling files, and navigating the system efficiently.
  2. Boosted Efficiency: Learn time-saving techniques, shortcuts, and tips that streamline your workflow, enhancing productivity within the Linux environment.
  3. Adaptability & Versatility: Gain foundational understanding of networking, software installation, and system information retrieval, providing versatile skills applicable across industries.
  4. Confident File Management: Grasp file permissions, searching methods, and archiving tools, ensuring a strong command of file operations critical for system maintenance and security.

Here’s feedback I’ve gotten in the past about my courses.

“am grateful to have come in contact with your course your explanation is so easy to understand . I appreciate the extra effort you put in for better understanding and also your words of encouragement have been a source of motivation for me.” – Monsurat O.

“I must confess; this is a best linux class i have ever attended.” – Adegbosin A.

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