How do they get everything for FREE? – Stopping piracy

How do they get everything for FREE? – Stopping piracy, How to find for free Courses, Books, Software, Movies like real pirates do, and report it, hence blocking its spreading.

Course Description

You will learn how to find pirated content, where people get and use it for free, and how to report it.

Now let’s say you are a book author, a course teacher, or a game developer. You don’t actually like the fact that some people are using your product for free. That’s why I will teach you how to find your copyrighted content and eventually take action in order to get rid of it.

This course is for

  • Anyone who wants to learn about internet piracy
  • Digital products’ owners – that want to stop their products from being pirated
  • Internet volunteers that want to find and report copyrighted content
  • People who want to start making money by selling this service

This course is going to be more like a framework because internet pirates always change their methods of sharing and hiding content.
But it also contains hands-on examples on how to do it here and now with resources that are popular among pirates.

In this course, we are going to talk about the following topics:

  1. What is pirating?
  2. Operational Security: How to Prepare Before Searching for Copyrighted Content
  3. Pirating tactics and techniques: How do pirates operate nowadays?
  4. Course pirating: how to find courses Book pirating: how to find books
  5. Software Pirating: How to Find Software
  6. Movie Pirating: How to Find Series, Movie Cartoons
  7. Taking action and reporting: How to report and get rid of the informational property

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