Google Gemini Masterclass: From Zero to Hero

Google Gemini Masterclass: From Zero to Hero, Learn Gemini with 60+ hands-on live running prompts.

Course Description

Welcome to the Gemini Masterclass by Studyopedia.

In this video course, learn about Gemini and its concepts. Gemini is an AI-powered language model developed by Google. It is capable of generating human-like text based on context and past conversations. It is based on prompt engineering, i.e., successive prompts and replies.

Gemini AI is Google’s most advanced AI model, designed to understand and interact with multiple data types including text, images, audio, and video. Google Bard was launched in February 2023. Bard was rebranded as Gemini in February 2024.

Note: In this course, we have covered the free version of Gemini with detailed examples and prompts.

The Gemini tutorial is prepared for students, engineers, and professionals. Beginning with the introduction, you will learn how to work with Gemini. With that, step-by-step lessons are provided covering prompts to ease your work using your everyday AI assistant Gemini.


The following are the features of Gemini,

  • Easily create images like logos, banners, etc.
  • Upload and scan images
  • Work, search, and scan PDF Documents.
  • Write professional emails, blogs, and articles in seconds.
  • Easily find jobs and create resumes and cover letters with the click of a button.
  • Learn to code
  • Write advertisements
  • Fix the grammar
  • Plan your vacation
  • Write a meal plan
  • Create a workout plan

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