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Cloud Computing Lab Programs, Cloud Computing Lab.

This course gives the demonstration of various lab programs involved in Cloud computing lab. For that, Virtualbox is used as a hypervisor to run all the programs. In this course, we are going to see the demonstration of virtual machine creation, installing and executing any software and its related applications in virtual machines, adding virtual block to virtual machine, installing C compiler and executing a sample C program in virtual machine, how to perform virtual machine migration, how to install Hadoop in virtual machine, the necessary steps to configure a single virtual machine as a one node hadoop cluster, running various unix commands in virtual machines, running various hdfs commands after installing Hadoop in virtual machine, creation of sample API using Hadoop and its execution, execute wordcount program using Hadoop mapreduce tasks. For every program, a resource file is provided which includes necessary steps or procedures to carry out the demonstration of a particular program, its associated coding and also the essential screenshots which shows the execution part of that program. The enrolled users can download and use the resource files. This course serves as a beginning level who wants to learn cloud computing practically. Only virtualization concepts are mainly involved and the splitting of various resources of our existing host system is also included.

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