BlinqIO AI Test Engineer BVT for Beginners

BlinqIO AI Test Engineer BVT for Beginners, Master AI-Operated Test Automation with BlinqIO Virtual Tester.

Course Description

Welcome to “AI Test Engineer: BlinqIO Virtual Tester (BVT) for Beginners,” a comprehensive course designed to introduce you to the groundbreaking BlinqIO Virtual Tester (BVT). This course is perfect for beginners looking to enhance their software testing skills with AI-operated automation.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Introduction to BlinqIO VIrtual Tester
    1. What is BlinqIO Virtual Tester
  2. Creating an account
    1. Sign up with Email, Google, or Microsoft
  3. Getting started with the demo project
    1. The demo shopping website
    2. Clone Demo Project
    3. Generate Step definitions (AI Learn)
      1. Install the App here
    4. Run Scenarios
    5. View Reports
  4. BlinqIO Projects
    1. What are Projects
    2. Create new Projects
    3. Delete Projects
  5. BlinqIO Environments
    1. What are Environments
    2. Create new Environments
  6. Features and Scenarios
    1. What are Features?
    2. Create Features
    3. ̇What are Scenairios?
    4. Create Scenarios.
      1. Detailed explanation of writing scenarios
  7. Generate Test Automation Code for all scenario steps using BVT AI
  8. Generate Test Automation Code for individual scenario steps using BVT AI
  9. Run & Tests
  10. BVT AI Examples:
    1. Using BVT AI to test Salesforce
    2. Using BVT AI to test Airbnb
    3. Using BVT AI to test GitHub
    4. Using BVT AI to test Amazon
    5. Using BVT AI to test Netflix
    6. Using BVT AI to test Facebook

Who Should Enroll:

  • Aspiring software testers looking to leverage AI in their workflows.
  • Professionals seeking to upskill in automated testing.
  • Anyone interested in exploring the capabilities of AI in software quality assurance.

About the company

BlinqIO, a groundbreaking company, introduced the pioneering concept of an AI Test Engineer, aiming to tackle the pressing shortage in test automation engineers. This innovative solution enables businesses to swiftly uphold quality standards across their digital platforms. These AI test engineers can be deployed instantly in any required quantity and possess the capability to concurrently develop test automation projects for various scenarios within minutes. Their expertise extends to crafting test automation for multilingual websites and applications, catering to diverse screen sizes such as computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Established in 2023, BlinqIO boasts a workforce exceeding 25 employees and is headquartered in Delaware, United States. The company recently secured a noteworthy investment of $5 million, attracting prominent investors from both the United States and Europe.

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