Basics of Batch Scripting

Basics of Batch Scripting, This course will provide you with basic knowledge of batch (.bat) scripting.

Course Description

This course is designed to give you basic ideas about Batch Scripting.

Batch Scripts are stored in simple text files containing lines with commands that get executed in sequence, one after the other. Scripting is a way by which one can alleviate this necessity by automating these command sequences to make one’s life at the shell more comfortable and more productive. This tutorial discusses the basic functionalities of Batch Script along with relevant examples for easy understanding.

What will you learn?

1. Introduction of batch scripting

2. Batch scripting Prerequisite

3. How to use the Echo command to print output

4. How to use @ Symbol in Scripting

5. How to use Variables in Scripting

6. Write comment section block

7. Create Environment Variables and use them in Scripting

8. How to create string and Concatenate multiple strings

9. How to use Mathematical Expression

10. How to use Input Command in Batch Scripting

11. How to Write Command Arguments

12. How to create Basic Functions

13. Function explanation using GOTO and Exit

14. How to create Function Argument

15. Create Local Scope in Script

16. How to Create IF Statement

17. How to write Else Statement

18. How to Create For loop

19. How to write Error level

20. And finally how to write log files for your Scripts

Thank You,

Rahul Sawant

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