AWS Networking and Server building fundamentals -VPC and EC2

AWS Networking and Server building fundamentals -VPC and EC2, Hands-on experience building Network and Server on AWS.

This AWS Networking and Server building fundamentals -VPC and EC2 course teaches you the fundamentals of AWS Networking and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) including IP CIDR, Subnets, Route Tables and Internet Gateways. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of Amazon VPCAmazon EC2 networking,  and much more.

We use a highly visual and effective method of teaching cloud computing and AWS concepts using diagrams and slide animations. There are lots of hands-on exercises using multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) free tier accounts to give you practical experience.

If you find networking a challenging topic, you’re far from alone. This course will help you master these topics and by the end of the course, you’ll acquire AWS knowledge, and be able to build network, server infrastructure by yourself on AWS.

This course is also extremely useful if you are studying for networking fundamentals such as Routing, NAT, DNS.

You’ll be very confident with knowledge on network and server infrastructure, and be able to handle not only applications but the entire system.

Here’s a snapshot of the skills you’ll learn using this course:

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • SSH

Watch the intro video to learn how this course will help you gain in-depth knowledge of AWS Networking.

In this course on AWS Networking and Server building fundamentals -VPC and EC2 – the topics you’ll learn include:

Course Introduction

  • Self introduction
  • Target and goal
  • Contents overview

Develop applications starting from infrastructure

  • Merit for developer to build network and server infrastructure
  • Build network and server infrastructure
  • Develop blog system by WordPress
  • Physical network and AWS
  • Overview of this course

Build network infrastructure

  • Set IP address range to use network
  • Column: How to distribute IP address
  • Create sample VPC
  • Divide VPC to subnet
  • Internet and routing
  • Section summary

Build server infrastructure

  • Build virtual server
  • Column: Set SSH connection source
  • Column: Stop, restart and delete instance
  • SSH connection
  • Column: Permission of key file
  • Column: Fix public IP address
  • IP address and port number
  • Restrict connection by firewall
  • Section summary

Install web server software

  • Install Apache HTTP Server
  • Set firewall
  • Domain name and name resolution
  • Column: Operate original domain name service using Route53
  • Section summary

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