AWS Lambda – from ZERO to HERO

AWS Lambda – from ZERO to HERO, Things I wish I knew before I started working with Lambda.

In this course, we will look at the AWS Lambda service on a deeper level. Join me on a journey that starts with creating an AWS Account and ends at the top of the mountain called Asynchronous invocation. The course is ideal for beginner developers that are, for example, joining a company that requires them to have knowledge of AWS Lambda service. It’s also a perfect course to undertake for experienced developers that need to familiarise themselves with the intricacies and capabilities of the Lambda service.

Course contains topics that I consider important to know before you start working with the service. Explanations of topics like what does it mean to be serverless, the real world usage of environment variables in Lambda, the difference between Lambda roles and resource-based policies and many more. The peak of the course are definitely the two lessons showing you a step by step process of setting up a trigger integration between the S3 service and the Lambda service. Almost all the difficult concepts are accompanied by an easily understandable and smooth animations.

We will be interacting with the Lambda service through AWS Management Console only. We will NOT be setting up a AWS Command Line Interface.

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