Ansible Basics: An Automation Technical Overview

Ansible Basics: An Automation Technical Overview, Create, scale, and manage automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Course Description

Easily scale your organization’s dynamic IT infrastructure, accelerate application time to value, and improve operational efficiency with Ansible Automation.

Ansible Basics: Automation Technical Overview is a series of on-demand, online videos that introduce you to the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Learn configuration management, provisioning, deploying, and managing compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments with Ansible Automation.

This course was designed for IT leaders, administrators, engineers, architects, and anyone else seeking a high-level understanding of Ansible and to learn to build Ansible automation from the ground up.

In this training you will get an introduction to the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 and learn:

  • The benefits of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
  • How Ansible works and how to use it to create automation
  • How to use Ansible inventories, main Ansible config file, and modules
  • The basics of Ansible Playbooks and how to use Ansible plays, tasks and modules, and playbook runs
  • The basics of variables, debug module, Ansible facts
  • How to operationalize automation using the automation controller
  • How to build an automation job using inventories, credentials, syncing a project, and a job template
  • How to use surveys and build a job template for self-service IT
  • How to continue training with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

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