An Introduction to Zoho CRM – Part 1

An Introduction to Zoho CRM – Part 1, Get started with your CRM implementation.

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“Confusion, when embraced, is the starting point for discovery, direction and decision.” — Richie Norton

Often, when you begin something new, you are bound to be confused. When you go to a new country, you might struggle to understand the people, the cultures, or say their transport system. You might lose your way in a new city, despite a clear map. However, this confusion will pave the way for you to learn, decide and achieve clarity eventually. This sort of confusion is to be embraced, not feared.

Similarly, while software systems are for the most part user-friendly and simple, as you get started with the system, some amount of initial confusion is inevitable. When presented with a plethora of features, which ones do you use? How do you work your way through a control panel with myriad privileges to enable or disable? These questions could trouble you when you embark on setting up a whole new software system for your business.

If you are at a similar point with Zoho CRM, we are here to help. Part 1 of An Introduction to Zoho CRM course introduces you to the concepts of Customer Relationship Management and the general sales cycle and its implementation in your Zoho CRM account. Part 2 of the course walks you through the basics of setting up your account, including your organization settings and security options. If you are a beginner with CRM, these courses are ideal for you.

Every chapter comes with key learning blocks including conceptual explanations, product demos, FAQs, best practices, as well as self-assessment sections to test your knowledge by the end of the course. Take this course right away to get started with setting up CRM for your business.

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