Learn and master the ABCs of financial markets

Learn and master the ABCs of financial markets, A practical guide for a better understanding of financial market fundamentals.

Course Description

This training will enable you to master how financial markets operate and affect the economy, other institutions, corporate profits and our daily lives.

This course presents the fundamentals, the role and functioning of financial markets and financial institutions. The main goal is to allow a mastery of the fundamentals of market finance and its impacts.

  • Financial systems facilitate the transfer of economic resources from one sector of the economy to another. The financial system enables the mobilization of surplus funds and their productive use. Thus, the financial system plays a key role in the economy by stimulating economic growth, influencing the economic performance of the players involved, impacting economic welfare. This is achieved through the financial infrastructure, in which entities with funds, allocate these funds to those who have potentially more productive ways to invest these funds. By overcoming the problem of information asymmetry, the financial system facilitates the balance between those who have funds to invest and those who need those funds.
  • Financial markets could be seen as channels through which loanable funds flow from a provider with excess assets to a seeker with a shortage of funds.


You will be able to:

– Describe the types, components, and players of financial markets

– Identify and define the key characteristics of financial instruments

–  Evaluate the different ways in which financial instruments can address risks

–  Understand the impact of credit risks on financial markets

– Understand how and why financial markets are regulated

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