Introduction to Information Systems

Introduction to Information Systems, Information systems, business, information technology, e-commerce.

This course gives students basic concepts of information systems in the business world. In this course, you will learn about the definition of Information Systems, Information technology, Information Systems components, types of Information Systems, key concepts related to systems, Introduction to e-commerce, the examples of e-commerce implementation, critical elements of an information system, and how to implement information systems in the organization. It gives student basic concepts of information system to facilitate organizational change.

This course also explains how technology can align with business process, explain system development lifecycle as the way to implement information systems in the company, explain the definition about customer relationship management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) which are also very important for company to manage relationship with customers and suppliers. These explanations also completed with examples of best practice companies’ implementation. By studied this course, students will know more about Information Systems, and know how to implement Information Systems in the business process.

Content format from this course is using simple video explanation of each module (about 10 minutes), so the total duration for all modules approximately 100 minutes. After video explanation, students must do quiz to make sure they understand about the materials.

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