How to Reach the Amazon Phone Screen Interview Stage


How to Reach the Amazon Phone Screen Interview Stage, Learn how to Reach and Excel at the Amazon Phone Screen Interview.

More than one million job candidates send a resume to Amazon each year, hoping Amazon would invite them to a phone screen interview. Yet, only a small fraction of these candidates succeed in proceeding to the next stage of the Amazon interview process. The majority of these resume applicants don’t ever make it to the phone screen interview stage.

This course will provide you with specific tactical steps that help improve your chance to make it to the Amazon phone screen interview.

In addition, the course covers proven tactical steps to prepare for your phone screen interview with Amazon and to ace it.

Lastly, we cover the two newest Leadership Principles: Strive to be Earth’s Best Employer and Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility, which Amazon introduced in July 2021.

“How to Reach the Amazon Phone Screen Interview Stage” is a small part of our broader Amazon Bound program specifically designed by Nick Dimitrov, a former Amazon Bar Raiser with a tenure of 350 interviews, to help talented job-seekers interview effectively with Amazon. You can find more about the program at the Amazon Bound website.

Thank you and good luck on your big day of interviewing with Amazon. We know you can succeed!

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