How to contribute to an Open Source Project

How to contribute to an Open Source Project, Walk through of how to contribute.

In this course, I will be showcasing on you can contribute to an open-source project. But, many people say that open-source projects are quite hard to understand, yes, they are very hard as there are many tests that are involved as they are based on real-life project and solving an actual real-life problem, it is quite intimidating but, it is just finding an easy bug and hence, get in touch with the right mentors, so that they can guide you with the setup of the project and sometimes even go an extra step to help out new members. Contributing to open source is a great way to start building your resume and it clearly shows that the dedication present in the individual. When your future employers see that you were involved in such a project, they would want to bring that person into their company as he/she has the analytical skills to solve an everyday problem. And also contributing to open-source will expose the code quality as well as communicating with different teams.

The project chosen is Addons-Frontend made by Mozilla. It is one of the easiest and most rapidly worked on by the Mozilla employees, the everyday beginner-friendly issue pops up. It is a reactjs based project and using absolute new and fast technology, along with the code based on GitHub. Solving issues here will also lead to getting selected in Mozilla in either GCI or GSoC.

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