German Grammar: Basic, Beginner Level, A1


German Grammar: Basic, Beginner Level, A1, German Language: Grammar (Beginner – A1 Level).

This course is aimed at students of beginner level of German language (A1), that is, for those who don’t have any previous knowledge of German or who have, but are not sure how to use grammar properly.  Upon finishing this course, you will know how to form and use present, past, and future tense in German, how to form declarative, interrogative, and negative sentences, modal verbs, separable verbs, etc., as well as nouns (including accusative and dative cases) and pronouns, all necessary for communication. You will be able to speak German in an appropriate way, without any mistakes in grammar,  as well as be more confident to actually use the language. . The areas covered are necessary for everyday conversations, but also for passing the A1 German international exam. This course also provides downloadable resources in order to practice what you have learned and check if you have understood everything well. I have  I have been working as a German teacher for many years, so I am familiar with the difficulties you may encounter in their process of learning this language as well as all necessary grammatical constructions you need in order to communicate in a correct and confident way. Let’s master the grammar!

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