Top secret on how to trade boom and crash |Vix 75 index 2024

Top secret on how to trade boom and crash |Vix 75 index 2024, Discover how to trade using volatility 75 index strategy with our easy step by step tutorial.

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Learn top secret on how to trade boom and crash using our powerful easy step by step strategy to win the market.

How to Increase Volatility 75 index

Be honest with yourself; you won’t win every transaction. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to win every trade. When you decide to become a Forex trader, you have to cope with this reality. There are always liquidity gaps, violations of the market structure, and the influence of the major market participants that could force you to close your trades in the negative.

It’s perfectly acceptable to close your trades in the red based on the factors I listed above, but if you do so because you are merely speculating in the market, that is not acceptable.

Improve your lot size.

Please always choose a conservative lot size when trading because this is one of the top secret on how to trade boom and crash regardless of your analysis. Personally, I urged people to use small lot but, if you have a large account, you can use the same strategy as the market makers by splitting your entry into three to four smaller entry.

Avoid arbitrary trade stacking

Because of my equity, I occasionally stack trades with modest lots. The market frequently wants to close a liquidity gap before continuing on a trend, so if you have a tiny equity and you stack arbitrarily, the result can be unfavorable, which is why I advised against it.

Make price movement the only Special indicator you use.

understands, studies, and obediently follows price movement. Analyze your trade starting at d1 and h4 to identify the general trend, then move down to m15 or m5 to enter based on support or resistance and your trendlines.

Most people commit the error of including every type of indication in their chart, which can cause them to miss those excellent market entry moments. Just wait for the price movement to reach your poi before entering the trade after you’ve determined the swing low and swing high, drawn your trendlines, and marked some points of interest on the chart. If you can see it, there is always the m or w shape in volatility 75 index

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