Master Course in Financial Modeling and Financial Analysis

Master Course in Financial Modeling and Financial Analysis, Financial Modeling, Financial Analysis, Financial Statements, Financial Analyst, Finance Fundamentals and Valuation.

Course Description

Master course in financial modeling and financial analysis


It’s an abstract mathematical representation of how a company works (and, more importantly, how it will work in the future). Inputs and outputs make up the model. The inputs are the assumptions that drive the model, like how much you pay your people, and what your customer acquisition costs are. Assuming that the assumptions are true, the outputs show how the company will perform. Depending on what assumptions you make, one model can make multiple projections.

Using a financial model, you can make smart decisions (like hiring salespeople and paying them). Models include financial projections that are mathematically tied to assumptions, so operators can “play with the variables” to see how certain decisions affect their company’s future.

What you need to know about financial analysis

Business is all about finance. If you’re running your own business or helping a client, you have to make the most informed decisions possible. To make this happen, you need to understand numbers and analysis.

Business finance involves financial analysis. The goal is to get an idea of a company’s financial health by analyzing historical data. Almost every successful business owner analyzes his or her company’s performance constantly. It’s also compared to the company’s historical figures, with its industry competitors, and even with other successful businesses.

Many different situations can be analyzed with financial analysis. Check out our lecture session for financial analysis tools, financial statement analysis, financial analysis ratios, and financial analysis techniques to learn more.

Analyzing financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements helps business owners determine their company’s performance, sustainability, and growth. This course connected with Financial Modeling, Financial Analysis, Financial Statements, Financial Analyst, Finance Fundamentals, and Valuation process.

We’ll take a deep dive into each of these statements and provide you with specific ratios and calculations to help you analyze them:

1. Statement of income

2. An overview of your finances

3. The cash flow statement

The five major topics I’d like to teach in this master’s course are:

1. Financial Modeling and Financial Analysis: Introduction and Importance

2. An overview of financial modeling’s objectives, types, components, and advantages

3. How to make a financial model for a company or startup

4. How to analyze financial statements and the types of financial analysis

5. Being a financial analyst and doing financial analysis.

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