How to Avoid or Defer Capital Gains Tax w/o a 1031 Exchange

How to Avoid or Defer Capital Gains Tax w/o a 1031 Exchange, Essential Real Estate Guide: Beginners’ Insights for Investors, Agents, Brokers, and Tax Pros/CPAs on Capital Gains Tax.

Course Description

Welcome to a groundbreaking course that goes beyond the ordinary, providing you with exclusive insights and tools to dominate CAPITAL GAIN TAXES and propel your wealth to new heights, all without the complexities and hassle of a 1031 exchange. This isn’t just a course; it’s your key to dominating capital gain taxes and skyrocketing your wealth. Notes that we are continuously updating the course and our goals is to have at least 4 hours of video content later. So register now and have access to all the updated contents for life!

Please note that this course is based on US Tax Laws.


This course isn’t just knowledge; it’s empowerment. Here’s why you need to seize this opportunity:

Crash Course on Capital Gain Taxes:

  • Dive deep into the historical evolution of capital gains tax and unravel the IRS’s definition of capital assets.
  • Understand the short-term and long-term treatment of capital gain taxes.
  • Navigate real-world scenarios with practical examples, turning theoretical knowledge into actionable insights.

Strategies to Delay or Defer Capital Gains Taxes:

  • Elevate your financial game with advanced tactics like long-term capital gains, the “Hold onto Investments” strategy, and Step-Up in Basis/Estate Planning.
  • Learn the art of tax-efficient investments, leveraging primary residence exclusion and owner financing strategies.
  • Master installment sales, tax-loss harvesting, and strategic expense itemization to optimize your tax landscape.

Tax-Efficient Investment Choices:

  • Explore alternative investments beyond real estate, from Qualified Opportunity Zones to REITs, oil and gas investments, and more.
  • Unleash the power of tax-advantaged accounts like IRAs, 401(k)s, and HSAs, and dive into real estate-specific strategies like 1031 Exchanges and Deferred Sales Trusts.

Gifting and Charitable Strategies:

  • Navigate through specialized strategies, including gift assets, charitable donations, and Charitable Remainder Trusts.
  • Gain insights into 1035 Exchanges and tackle the nuances of net investment income tax on the sale of property.

Real Estate Strategies and Beyond:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of 1031 Exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts, 1033 Exchanges, and more.
  • Receive step-by-step guidance on the disposition of rental activity, covering depreciation deductions, gains subject to recapture, and completing necessary forms.

Capital Gain Tax Calculator and Mini Q&A:

  • Learn to wield the capital gain tax calculator for property sales and gain proficiency in calculating gains for various scenarios.
  • Engage in a mini Q&A session, addressing specific situations like investor vs. dealer strategies, inherited real estate, vacation home sales, and more.

BENEFITS OF ENROLLING: Elevate Your Financial Game!

  1. Unlock the Treasure Trove: Delve into a wealth of strategies designed to save you from the burdensome grip of capital gain taxes. Say goodbye to the complexities of a 1031 exchange as you unlock the treasure trove of financial advantages awaiting you.
  2. Confidence Unleashed: Gain more than just knowledge; unleash unshakeable confidence in executing tax-saving strategies. Position yourself as a powerhouse in the competitive real estate arena, making strategic moves with assurance and poise.

COURSE DIFFERENTIATION: Redefine Your Path to Mastery!

  1. Elevate Your Expertise: This isn’t merely a course; it’s your personal journey to mastery. Navigate through complex concepts seamlessly, presented in an empowering narrative that transforms learning into a dynamic experience. Redefine what mastery means to you.
  2. Simplifying Tax Concepts for Dominance: Mia Le, your guide in this journey, simplifies intricate tax concepts with precision. It’s not just about understanding; it’s about dominating these concepts with simplicity as your greatest asset. Power lies in simplicity.
  3. Stay Ahead in Tax Dynamics: In the ever-evolving landscape of tax laws, staying ahead is key. Continuous updates throughout the year ensure you’re not just current but steps ahead. Your strategies remain cutting-edge, providing you with a competitive advantage that sets you apart in the real estate realm.

Buy this course if you’re serious about mastering capital gain tax strategies and building wealth through real estate.

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You’ve got everything to gain and absolutely nothing at risk!

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