Basics of Derivatives

Basics of Derivatives, Learn Foundation Concepts of Derivatives.

Course Description

How would you feel if I say that Derivative is very old concept? We are using this concept since the time we were making curd from milk. Yes, Derivative is not a new thing. Financial Derivative is a mechanism to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Derivatives are a pretty old concept and today it’s most commonly used for Hedging, Trading and Arbitraging. This course covers the basic aspects of Indian Derivatives covering Forward, Future and Options.

This course includes..

  • 15 Videos
  • 2+ Hours of Rich Course Content
  • Chapter Quiz at the end of each chapter to strengthen your concept
  • Final Quiz at the end of the course
  • Instructor has used Hindi and English as a language of communication.

Course Objectives

  • To Understand Derivatives in simple language.
  • To Learn Derivatives with Practical Example
  • To Understand Forward, Future and Options
  • To Learn Various Terminology of Forward, Future and Options
  • To Understand the importance of Risk Measure – BETA
  • To Understand Application of Derivatives such as Hedging and Arbitraging
  • To Understand Basic Option Trading Strategies.

Course Language

English and Hindi

This course is essential for people who wish to understand the basics of derivatives before they move on to advance learning. This course is suggested for Financial Advisors, Employees, Students and any person who wish to know basics of Financial Derivatives in simple language.

The instructor of this course was a CPE (Continuous Professional Education) Trainer affiliated with NISM (National Institute of Security Market)

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