Automate Construction Project with Artificial Intelligence

Automate Construction Project with Artificial Intelligence, With Odoo 17 Accelerate Your Construction Management Career & Manage And Deliver Successful Construction Projects.

Course Description

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Construction?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in construction is a powerful, trendy tool, bringing innovations to the structures we build and the projects we design. No longer a far-off technological fantasy, artificial intelligence is impacting construction sites in the real world right now.

Artificial intelligence in the construction industry is here. It has emerged as a technology that is poised to transform our industry. As we enter this next frontier of construction technology, it is essential to understand what artificial intelligence is and how it offers unique solutions to advance the productivity and performance of the construction industry.

This course provides a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence in preconstruction And what comes after. We’ll explore how AI offers ways to enhance the processes that drive business for better decision-making and strategic preconstruction planning.

This course provides a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence in The data-rich, complex modern construction environment offers a potential advantage to those businesses that can harness data, produce intelligible insights, and make informed strategic decisions. AI is establishing a footing in the construction industry following years of development and imagination.

This course provides a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence Before building starts on a commercial construction project, a variety of people and teams from different disciplines and expertise must collaborate and plan how the project will proceed. Preconstruction, as it’s called, refers to the phases of construction that take place before the actual construction work begins.

Building owners, architects and engineers, trade contractors, general contractors, building product manufacturers, and many others take part in preconstruction.

BENEFITS OF Automate Construction Project with Artificial Intelligence

  • Reducing administrative processes
  • Building maintenance and supply chain forecasts
  • Increase the Project’s Lifespan
  • Powerful Everyday Automation

4 Phases of Construction Project Management

Module-1- Construction companies Operations Management

  • The Key Types of Construction Contracts
  • Types of Commercial Contracts Your Team Must Know
  • Stages of product development and contract types
  • Measurement in Construction
  • Key Factors for Effective Construction Warehousing
  • Smart Warehouse in Construction
  • Safety Stock or Min/Max Method?
  • How to Improve Your Construction Efficienc?
  • Efficient Management of Perishable Inventory
  • Rising Costs in the Construction Industry
  • Understanding Construction ReceiptBuilding and Construction Materials Suppliers Receipt
  • Understanding Pull/Push rules in Construction Companies
  • Lot and Serial Numbers when Tracking Products
  • Barcode Systems and Hardware Designed For Construction

Module-2-Construction Companies Project Management

  • Construction Project Management
  • Construction Tasks Planning
  • How to create tasks from sales orders?
  • Project Task Dependencies in Construction
  • Subtasks in Odoo Construction Projects
  • Project Budget Management
  • ODOO – Smart Expense Management

Module-3- Management accounting in Construction companies

  • Role of an Accountant Jobs in Construction companies
  • How to Do Accounting for Your Construction Business?
  • Creditors and Debtors: Everything you need to know
  • Journal of Construction Management
  • Fundamentals of Construction Taxation
  • Automate Financial accounts
  • The Construction Procurement Process Explained
  • Construction Invoicing
  • The construction sales process and how to improve it
  • Construction Asset Management
  • Construction Industry Year End
  • Conducting Financial Analysis

Module-4- Construction Crm Management

  • How CRM Becomes Important in Construction Management?
  • Building an Effective Construction Team
  • Construction Opportunities for Your Business
  • Construction Workflow and Process Automations
  • Construction Logistics Lead Generation
  • Construction Work Management for Tasks
  • Construction forecasting: Planning for disruptions

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