Accounting-Statement of Cash Flows

Accounting-Statement of Cash Flows, Unlocking the Secrets of Cash Flow Statements: Mastering Construction, Analysis, and Interpretation

Course Description

This comprehensive course focuses on mastering the creation and analysis of the statement of cash flows, a crucial aspect of financial reporting. It delves into the very heart of cash flow statements, illuminating its purpose, uses, and the vital accrual accounting concepts needed for its creation.

Starting with an introduction to cash flow statements, the course equips learners with the skills to understand and construct these statements from accrual financial reports. It systematically breaks down the components of cash flows, including operating, investing, and financing activities, providing a clear thought process for determining where specific cash flows belong.

The course lays out detailed requirements for creating a cash flow statement and imparts practical strategies to minimize errors and optimize time spent on construction. Key differentiating factors between the direct and indirect methods of constructing the cash flows from operations section are thoroughly compared and contrasted, bolstering your understanding of both approaches.

Learners are guided through the step-by-step construction of a cash flow statement using the indirect method, and subsequently, the direct method, offering a hands-on learning experience. Furthermore, it covers the reporting of non-cash investing and financing activities, giving learners a comprehensive view of all aspects of cash flow statements.

The course includes several downloadable resources, including PDF files for offline reference, preformatted Excel practice files for honing skills on Excel basics and adjusting processes, and multiple-choice and short calculation practice questions to help improve test-taking skills. Discussion questions also provide an opportunity for learners to interact with peers, enhancing the learning process by viewing the topic from various perspectives.

The course instructor is a seasoned professional with deep technical experience in accounting concepts and software. As a certified public accountant, chartered global management accountant, and certified post-secondary instructor with a Master’s in Taxation and a wealth of curriculum development experience, the instructor brings a blend of practical expertise and teaching acumen to this course.

Whether you’re an accounting student, an aspiring accountant, a seasoned professional, or a business owner seeking to understand your company’s financial health better, this course offers an in-depth understanding of cash flow statements that will prove invaluable in your journey.

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