Economics: Basic Concepts Simplified


Economics: Basic Concepts Simplified, Step-by-step Approach to Understanding Basics of Economics.

This is a basic and easy-to-understand course that focuses on some economic concepts that are at the foundation of this discipline. It comprises 19 lessons that serve as a step-by-step guide to help undergraduate students and anyone with a keen interest in learning about the different aspects of economics.

As you move from section to section and from one lesson to another, it is important that you draw links between what you learn and what’s happening in the real world. The quizzes at the end of every section are also there to test your knowledge and further enhance your overall understanding of the different concepts explained in each lesson. Every topic discussed is supported with examples from real life and the overall course serves as a great resource for students.

You will:

  1. learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the main business organizations
  2. understand the relationship between different economic events
  3. learn to see the world differently
  4. understand the functions of banks and their policies
  5. learn to link what you learn to real life
  6. understand the relationship between taxes and government spending
  7. learn how information is crucial to decision-making

Sign up now and LEARN the key principles of Economics. Let’s get started and good luck!

Let’s get started and good luck!

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