Rhino Projects- 50+ Real-World Examples

Rhino Projects- 50+ Real-World Examples, Project-Based Course for architecture, industrial and product design

Course Description

  • Are you interested in learning Rhino through practical modeling projects that teach you real-world skills?
  • Are you a Rhino user who has difficulty applying your knowledge to real-world projects?
  • Do you prefer learning through hands-on, project-based assignments rather than theoretical lessons?

If you’re a Rhino user who has struggled with modeling new and complex forms, you’re not alone. Many people face challenges and uncertainty when approaching new projects in Rhino, not knowing where to start or what commands to use. That’s why we’ve designed this project-based course to help you overcome these obstacles and improve your Rhino skills. With many different examples, we’ll work together to create models in a variety of fields, including architecture, industrial design, and product design. We’ll cover different uses for Rhino, such as towers, stadiums, parametric facades, and more, to help you develop the skills you need to create the forms you want. Our project-based approach will guide you through practical modeling assignments that emphasize real-world skills and applications. You’ll gain experience and confidence as you work on assignments that challenge and inspire you, building your Rhino skills along the way.

These are the projects that have been modeled for this course:

  1. Evolo 2018 1st (Tower 01)
  2. twisted form
  3. Terme Office
  4. 4 – Tent structure
  5. tel aviv arcades penda
  6. Stair
  7. Shigeru ban
  8. Metropol Parasol
  9. Tower 03
  10. Yongson Landmark Tower
  11. Scala Tower
  12. Burj e Azadi (Tower 06)
  13. Tower
  14. Agora Tower
  16. Khayam Tomb
  17. Alvorada Palace
  18. Beneton shop – concept
  19. Confluence Park Pavilion
  20. Bamboo Structure Project
  21. SOM Team Designed Tower
  22. Grove em Grand Bay _ BIG
  23. Cottage
  24. Vessel thomas heatherwick studio hudson yards
  25. big esh tower
  26. Expo Japan
  27. Reichstag Dome
  28. 3d wall panel
  29. Wormhole table
  30. Tower – Kingkey 100 by Farrells
  31. MVRDV The Couch Amsterdam Jburg_Tennis Club
  32. Bosjes
  33. Waffle modeling
  34. Serpentine Pavilion
  35. Rolex learning Center
  36. Villa Concept
  37. Tower
  38. Parking roof
  39. Tower
  40. Ribbon Chapel
  41. sketch 1
  42. sketch 2
  43. parametric facade
  44. Indoor Tensile Structure
  45. Bombay Sapphire Distillery
  46. National theathre of albania – by BIG
  47. Albahar Tower
  48. Sleuk Rith Institute
  49. column

By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to approach any Rhino project with confidence, no matter how complex or challenging. Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering Rhino modeling and feel free to ask me any question during watching this course.

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