Procreate for iPad Beginner Class

Procreate for iPad Beginner Class, Learn to draw digitally!.

The Procreate for iPad Beginner Class might be your solution if you hardly have time to pull out all the materials for traditional painting.

Digital painting with Procreate for iPad is totally worth a look. You just grab your iPad and your Apple Pencil and start drawing. You can mimic all kind of brushes such as watercolor, gouache, pastel and even the paper texture – you name it, Procreate can most probably do it!

In this class I show you how to handle the Procreate app with all its features. And while you learn techniques to draw everything you want we’ll do our first project together: Drawing lemons as some artwork for your kitchen!

In this Class you’ll learn:

…how the gallery works

…how to create stacks in the gallery and how to handle them

…how to set up your document correctly

…how to use brushes, erasers and blenders

…how to import new brushes and why it’s important to work with a clean canvas

…how to use reference images without copying

…how to use sketches to draw whatever you want (and without being an artist!)

…how to create your own color palettes

…how to try different background colors easily

… and many more tips and tricks!

You’ll get:

  • 12 Videos in FullHD (1 hour and 10 minutes in total)
  • Procreate File
  • color palette to draw the project

For this Class you’ll need:

  • your iPad
  • Procreate
  • an Apple Pencil or any suitable pencil for your iPad
  • brushes are already included in Procreate, you might look for a stipple brush if non included suits your needs


Although this class is for Procreate for iPad Beginners we do not concentrate on the features of the app but jump right into a project. So at the end of the class you have drawn your first artwork and you’ve learned a lot about the app you can apply to many other projects to come!


At the end of the class you can grab any kind of reference image and start drawing the different shapes. You can create a fitting color palette and start your composition.

In our project you should pick a reference image and draw whatever you want. You can post a screenshot of your iPad the reference image and maybe your drawing or you can show us your ready-made drawing, that’s totally up to you!

Have fun and let me know if you’ve learned something valuable from this class. Also, if you have questions let me know.

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